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1. MCA freshers resume - Posted by Prateek Bajpai

Shalabh Sharma
Email ID- ****@gmail.com
Contact No. +91-*****

Career Objective-

Seeking a challenging and rewarding opportunity with an organization of repute which recognizes my truepotential and effectively utilizes/nurtures my excellent analytical and technical skills in IT industry Software .

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- A detail oriented, hard working professional with exceptional programming skills possesses Master in computer application degree in Computer.
- Skilled in programming languages and using them for software developing.
- Proficient in maintaining the existing program with implementation of new techniques.
- skilled in leading the team from the front.
- Remarkable ability in executing the plan with precision.

Personality Traits-

- Smart Worker
- Adaptability, Knowledge and Focus on work.
- Excellent communication skills in written and verbal both.
- Keep myself calm in pressure situation.


- MCA from GHF University with 81% in 2011.
- BCA from GHF University with 78% in 2008.


Title- Evaluating the vulnerability of network traffic using joint Analysis of security and routing protocols
Description- Joint analysis of security and routing protocols in wireless networks reveals vulnerabilities of secure
network traffic. That remain undetected when security and routing protocols are analyzed independently. We demonstrate
vulnerability evaluation using the proposed metrics.In this Using GNAVE (a Greedy Node capture Approximation using Vulnerability Evaluation) algorithm.


- Get appreciation on project and won the best project award.
- Give presentation on 'Sorting techniques, in DGH University.
- Won 1st prize in hacking at RYT Kolkata.

Extra Curricular activities-

- Singing classical song
- HAcking
- Travelling and exploring things.

Personal Details-

- Languages Known- Hindi, English
- Address- SKBSKJB

2. MCA freshers resume - Posted by Rajvardhan Rane

Nest,78 plot,
43 street,JU-256
Contact no. 6598469******
Email ID: careat****@dance.com

Career Objective

To work in challenging environment, grow and develop along with the company further enhancing my skills.

Technical skills:

-Operating Systems : Mac, Windows (97,98,2000,2003,2010), LINUX (all versions)
-Data Access Technology : ADO.NET
-Databases : Basics of MS SQL Server 2000 , Oracle
-Tools : MS Office, MS Visual Studio, .NET
-Languages : C++, Core Java and C#.
-Web Technologies : ASP.NET, HTML


-Certification course in .NET, Java,C++
-Sun certified DBA programmer

Academic Qualification:

-MCA from XYZ College, T University with 65%.
-B.Sc XYZ College, T University with 64%.
-HSC from XYZ College, T board with 78%.
-SSC from Zee school, T board with 88%.

Academic Project

1.Title: DBA
Project description:
Converting the Database into the xml File. Data backing up with coding.
-Developing applications using SQL Server 2000 at back-end, respectively using Framework 2.0.
-Involved in designing XML and UML Diagrams.


2.Title: Retail Management system
Environment: C++,Java
-To prepare blueprint of the system
-Develop the applications for the systems
-Coding and using framework for the same
-Making use of SQL server at front end and back end
-Making it useful to the users (making it user friendly)
-Implementation of the project

Co-curricular activities & Achievements:

-Participated in Work shop on Mixed Advances in Electronics which is held at XYZ.
-Won national level swimming tournament
-Won CS2 Gaming competition
-Won singing competition at graduation level

Personal Details:

-Languages known : English, Hindi and Marathi
-Hobbies: Swimming, Singing

3. MCA freshers resume - Posted by Anupriya Niranjan



Willing to work in a challenging position with a growing Organization where I can utilize my technical and interpersonal skills to serve the organization and enhanced the same.


Operating Systems: Win 98/ Win XP/ Win server 2003/win 7
Web Technologies: HTML and Java Script,
Editor and IDE: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008 & 2010
Databases: SQL Server 2000/2005/2008


- Proficient Experience in developing WEB application using C#.NET, ASP.NET, SQL
- Having Good analytical skills and a quick learner.


- Won Debate competition for X consecutive years in school.
- Integrated an extremely complex system for the College.


Passed MCA from University 1(20XX-20XX) having CGPA of 6.9 on a 10.0 scale
B.Sc from University 2(20XX-20XX) with 47%.


Project: XXXX
Project duration: Jan 20XX to April 20XX
Environment: C#.Net, ASP.Net and SQL server
Team size: 5
Project Description:
The main objective of the proposed solution is to be automated the various functions and activities of the bank through Internet. The solution will facilitate to the bank employees and the account holders with the different modules. This solution is very much necessary for the private sector banks and the corporate sector. The banking industry will take a new shape and explore like never before. Using the solution the bankers and account holders can generate various kinds of reports.
This project has seven modules like Admin, Manager, Customer, Reports, Search, Authentication, and Registration.
Role and Responsibility: Actively participate in the Authentication module.


- Interested in Debate competition
- Active member of cultural activities in college.


DOB: 24th June 19XX
Language Known: English, Hindi & French

4. MCA freshers resume - Posted by Rajvardhan Rane

Villa flower,
New Delhi-11
Cell phone: +91-98*****
E-mail: pes89*** @gmail.com


To work in the most challenging position with an organization that provides ample opportunities to learn and to contribute and achieve organizational goal.

Education Qualification

-MCA from H university with 67%
-B.Sc from H university with 59%
-HSC from K college with 76%
-SSC from K school with 65%

Personal Traits:

-Time management skills
-Excellent written & oral communication
-Excellent presentation skills

Technical skills:

-Platform: Dot Net
-Language: C#.Java,C
-Server: SQL server
-OS: Windows,MAC,Linux


Project name: Online Job Consultancy Portal
Duration:6 months
Company : S consultancy
Project description:
-The Portal can handle data of users who is looking for the job
-Portal can handle several companies who are looking for employees.
-This Portal will be mostly used by the employees to upload their resume and search the
job according to the profile and key skills.
-The Portal has few sections, which are discussed below.
-An Administrator owns the portal
-A registration form is provided through which user can enter details of the company like source to destination of packages.
-Users: Section provided through which users request for the services
-This data once entered cannot be edited/deleted as per the requirement of the organization
-Data given by users and companies can be edited.
Platform: Dot Net
Language: C#,Java
Users: Job Seekers and organisation
Server: SQL server 2008

Skill Set

-Operating System:MS- WindowsXP,window7
-Programming Languages :C, C++ ,C#
-Applications:MS – Office
-Web Technologies:HTML, JavaScript

Major Courses Studied during MCA

-Data Structure.
-Operating System
-Data Base Management System.
-Computer Network.
-Analysis and Design of Algorithm

Extra-curricular activities:

-Participated in dance competition
-Participated in Gaming competition
-Participated in music competition playing piano

Personal Information

-Date of Birth: 2nd Sep 19**
-Languages Known: English, Hindi
-Permanent Address: Hari building, Near D School,
-Hobbies: Reading, Coding,Dancing

5. MCA freshers resume - Posted by Rajvardhan Rane

7/9, nest ville,
Mobile: +91-97********
E-Mail: ndel***@gmail.com


To seek a job in the IT industry where I can utilize my skills and technical knowledge for the organization’s and individual growth.


Laanguage : C, C++, C#.
Backend: SQL.
Web Technologies: ASP.NET, HTML.


-Listening Skills
-Communication skills
-Adoptable in any working environment
-Willingness to learn new things
-Smart worker


-MCA from F college with A grades
-B.Sc from S college of science with A grades
-HSC from S college of science with B grades


-Title: “Decision Trees”
-Project duration- 6 months
-Project Description: The traditional decision tree classifiers works with data whose values are known. In Averaging tree will be formed with estimated values but in DB approach tree will be formed with decimal values. It means that accuracy of tree will be improved.

Technologies : Java (JDK 1.6.0), Swings, JDBC
Database: MS-Access


-Stood 1st in Mathematics & Science during SSC & HSC
-Won singing competition during Graduation


-Date of Birth: 12th April 1989
-Languages known: Telugu and English
-Hobbies:Singing & Dancing

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