Who is responsible for eve teasing - Boys or Girls

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Who is responsible for eve teasing - Boys or Girls (09-12-2013)

Who is responsible for eve teasing - Boys or Girls

Eve teasing with time is increasing day by day not only in the urban areas but also in the rural areas. What are the causes for eve teasing and what leads people to do eve teasing? Is it the girls who are responsible or the boys?


- Today’s youth is influenced by media and that there is no censor on the content of media be it on the internet, television or films
- It is usually the girls, who with their body language and their clothes motivate the raucous men to get involved into eve teasing
- It is the girls who do not report such cases of eve teasing in the police, if they take any such action against the men who are involved in teasing, it would reduce to a great extent
- The gender discrimination which is rooted in each and every individuals mind is also one of the reason why people are motivated to get involved into these types of activities


- Illiterate and boisterous boys are usually involved, so it does not matter what is the body language or the clothes the girls are wearing, it is inherent in their nature
- Equality between both the genders does not go down well with boys even in today’s time and hence it also leads for them to do eve teasing, as the usual impact is that the girls resent and then resort to sit at home
- Rejections in love by a girl is another reason that the boys resort to eve teasing as this is the form in which they take revenge


- It’s not the boys or the girls who are solely responsible. Today the environment as well as the media plays an important role in shaping the nature and stirring you to be involved in such kind of activities
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