Tech Mahindra verbal ability questions and answers

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Tech Mahindra verbal ability questions and answers
Madhav 09-21-2013 01:41 AM

HI Friends,

Tech Mahindra was the first company to visit our college campus for placmenents. Total 300 students appeared for the exam, 20 got in.
The questions in their English section had a good level ranging from basic grammar to comprehension and synonyms etc.
Here are some questions that I remember.

The --- waters of the shallow lake made the marine life clearly visible to the researchers.
1. turbulent 2. treacherous 3. serpentine 4. pellucid 5. putrid

The usually --- father shocked us by reacting violently to the insignificant and moderate comments of his younger brother.
1. demanding 2. inarticulate 3. aggressive 4. persuasive 5. composed

Spot the error
India today stands at a crucial (1)/ crossroads with its history as (2)/ an independent nation (3)/ No error(4)

Our school is making (1)/ every possible effort (2)/ to provide best facilities (3)/and personal attention for each child (4)/ No Error (5)

a.)Barren b.)Marshy c.)Inhabitable d.)Dry

I am happy that I ultimately made it to Tech Mahindra.
Hope you find this information useful for your placement.
Best of luck.

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