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India ranks 135 in HDI: UNDP report
India’s message to UN: UNMOGIP has outlived its utility
TAQA backs out on $1.6-billion JP Power deal
New species of spider discovered

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Android Developer - 1-3yrs, BANGALORE
Software Test Engineer - 1-3yrs, Kochi
Walkin for Trainees, Hyderabad
.Net Developer - 1-3 yrs, Delhi

Group Discussion
Live and Let Die
Public Health Cadre should be restructured like specialized services
English should continue to be the official language of India.
Military training should be made compulsory in India.
Should Indian Government Invest More in SEZs?
Should Dhotis be allowed in clubs?
What kind of crisis is India facing – moral or economic?

Career Q & A
About optional subjects in civil services interview
Sari or salwar-suit during UPSC personality test
Coaching programs for civil services interview preparations
Which newspapers, magazines, TV channels are helpful in the UPSC interview preparation?
How should I prepare for the civil services interview
About higher study or job in the civil services interview
Will I be questioned about my service preference (IAF or IAS) at the time of interview?
Is it necessary to specify hobby in the main examination form? - UPSC interview
About copy of the application form for the main examination - UPSC personality test
About interview boards of UPSC personality test

MBA Reasoning test
Latest Interview
Current Affairs
MGNREGA And Other Schemes Modified
Apple: Sound Bytes For Success
InMobi: Birthing Indie Game Developer Millionaires
Change For Post Graduate Students: UGC Outsources NET Examination To CBSE
Scientific Discovery: Researchers Delete HIV From Human Cells
Riding High: Infosys Secures Deal With Daimler AG

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Essays for competitive exams
How to clear your WAT and get into a good Management college?
How to write an effective essay for TOEFL examination?

English Test
Selecting phrases and idioms - English grammar test
Selecting words - English grammar test
Sentence completion test - English grammar test
English grammar test - make it a grammatically correct sentence

Latest IN
Advanced Network Technologies - Networking test
Network security - Networking test
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Domain Network Services - Networking test
IPv6 - Networking test
IP Addressing and Routing - Networking test
Link Layer Communication - Networking test
Physical Communication - Networking test
Data communication networks and reference models - Networking test
Networking test questions - MCQs

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