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Amazon introduced online 3D printing store
Vedanta Aluminium got village’s nod for refinery
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries will seek shareholders nod
ICVL, the joint venture of major PSUs of the country buys Rio Tinto’s Mozambique coal assets

Latest Jobs
.Net - Software Engineer - 2-3yrs, Mumbai
Php Developer - 0-2yrs, Mohali
Walkin - .NET Developers , Noida
C++ Developer - walkin, Bengaluru

Group Discussion
Should basic level of English test section be scrapped from UPSC?
Should single-point GST be implemented?
Should Yoga be made compulsory in schools?
River Ganges: Pure Or Impure
Sania Mirza’s appoint as Telangana’s brand ambassador – should we be discussing it?
Film industry doesn’t have friends
Whose mistakes are accidents at unmanned railway crossings – administration or those crossing them?

Career Q & A
About optional subjects in civil services interview
Sari or salwar-suit during UPSC personality test
Coaching programs for civil services interview preparations
Which newspapers, magazines, TV channels are helpful in the UPSC interview preparation?
How should I prepare for the civil services interview
About higher study or job in the civil services interview
Will I be questioned about my service preference (IAF or IAS) at the time of interview?
Is it necessary to specify hobby in the main examination form? - UPSC interview
About copy of the application form for the main examination - UPSC personality test
About interview boards of UPSC personality test

MBA Reasoning test
Latest Interview
Current Affairs
TAQA Bids Tata: Jaypee in a Lurch Over No Deal
CWG Triumphs: Indian Sportspersons Shine At The Event
“Take That, C-SAT” Say Irate UPSC Aspirants
Indian Scientists Create Portable Diagnostic Kit For Detecting Sickle Cell Anemia
TCS Attains Over Rupees 5 Trillion Market Cap
A Common Man Wins: Political Victory for Widodo

Daily current affairs Q & A
Current Affairs Questions and answers - July 31, 2014
Current Affairs Questions and answers - July 30, 2014
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Essays for competitive exams
Attitude makes habit, habit makes character and character makes a man...
Youth Culture today

English Test
Selecting phrases and idioms - English grammar test
Selecting words - English grammar test
Sentence completion test - English grammar test
English grammar test - make it a grammatically correct sentence

Latest IN
Java Threads - online test
Java I/O Package - online test
Basic concepts of networking - online test
Database connectivity with JDBC - online test
Basics of AWT and Swing - Java test
Applets - Java test
Java Packages - Java test
Working with types: Wrapper classes - Java test
Object class - Java test
Exception handling with try-throw-catch-finally constructs - Java test

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