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Centre fires 4 Indian Oil directors
1.2 million disabled people live alone in India
Bashar al-Assad forms new government amid unrest in Syria
Recep Tayyip Erdogan sworn in President in Turkey

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MBA and B.E. Fresher-2014 Batch, Chennai
Market Research Analysts, Delhi
Walk-in for Freshers @TransDyne, HYDERABAD
Walkin Cognizant Powai JDA DA TL CDM, Mumbai

Group Discussion
Should the bill to debar charge-sheeted ministers be implemented?
RJs Mimicking MPs: Justified Or Crime?
Was PM Modi's First Independence Day Speech Impressive?
Should capital punishment be abolished?
Is it wise to scrap Planning Commission?
Advantages and Disadvantages of scrapping RTOs
Wives and Girlfriends should not be allowed on cricketing tours.

Career Q & A
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Do we have to apply to all the preferred colleges separately for those accepting CMAT score?
Can I get a job in private company only on basis of Gate Score?
Want to be either a psychiatrist or a neurologist, please suggest preparation and courses
Dream to work in top notch companies like Apple and Microsoft
Should we raise a voice for maintenance and services?
Answering hobby related questions at Civil Services Interview - Preparation Tips.
Tips to prepare an effective personal profile for Civil Services Interview
Tips to effectively answer the questions at Civil Services Interview
Tips to manage your time effectively for Civil Services Interview preparation

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Current Affairs
Strategic Stake In Sri Lanka: TPG Capital Management Acquires Majority Share in Union Bank of Colombo
Reliance Jio Breathes Life Into 4G Plan: Tower Sharing Deal With BSNL
Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright: Tracking Program On Target
Google's Knowledge Vault: Storehouse of Knowledge
Climate Change Poses Threat To Food System: World Bank
Kaiser-e-Hind: A Rare Butterfly That Is Seen Once Again

Daily current affairs Q & A
Current Affairs Questions and answers - Aug 28, 2014
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Essays for competitive exams
True religion cannot be misused
Greater political power alone cannot improve women’s plight

English Test
Right Tag Questions - Grammar Tests
Verb Test - Grammar Tests
Modal Verb - Can/May Test - Grammar Tests
Preposition Test - Grammar Tests

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Each Other and One Another - Confusing words
Raise and Rise - Confusing words
Wear and Where - Confusing words
Quiet and Quite - Confusing words
Then and Than - Confusing words
Exiting and Exciting - Confusing words
There and Their - Confusing words
Loose and Lose - Confusing words
Compliment and Complement - Confusing words
Accept and Except - Confusing words

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