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Is it Ok to accept bribe some times?
Group Discussion - April 14, 2014
Elections are going on and the main focus, the main topic of the debate in this election is Corruption. The country has seen many big scandals in last few years......
India needs strong dictatorship rather than weak democratic government
Current Affairs - April 14, 2014
India is a democratic government and people like the concept of democracy where they play an important part in decision making.
Current Affairs Questions and answers - April 13, 2014
Current Affairs - April 13, 2014
Does acquisition bring growth to a business?
Group Discussion - April 10, 2014
Sun Pharmaceutical and Ranbaxy are the companies that have been in news since last one week. Sun Pharmaceutical has decided to acquire Ranbaxy for $4bn......
Human beings are to be blamed for global climate change.
Current Affairs - April 10, 2014
Apart from politico-economic issues, the one problem that is disturbing the people these days is climate change. It is not only affecting India but almost all the continents.....
Should article 370 be abolished?
Current Affairs - April 10, 2014
As BJP released its election manifesto the one thing that attracted every one’s attention is the commitment of BJP to abrogate the article 370 in its manifesto.....
Climate change - What, When and How?
Current Affairs - April 10, 2014
Recently, the IPCC had published a report on climate change which had very alarming revelations regarding the future climatic conditions of the globe and the cascading green house effect....
Students should be allowed to carry cell phone in school
Group discussion - April 08, 2014
Education has seen a significant change in the learning process and methodology. All the major changes are led by technology. However, innovation or technology.....
Blaming Yuvraj Singh for India’s loss in the World T20 2014 final - Is it wise?
Group discussion - April 08, 2014
Yuvraj Singh name has always been associated with the word ‘fighter and winner’ who has led Team India to many a memorable victories in the past.....
Should AAP win the Loksabha Elections?
Group Discussion - April 08, 2014
The advent of Aam Aadmi Party in politics was welcomed by the entire nation and that is why it managed to steal a win in Vidhaan Sabha elections......
No penalties for bank balance below minimum limit
Group discussion - April 07, 2014
There is good news for the Indian citizens. In its first bi-monthly policy on 1st April, 2014, The Reserve Bank of India has asked banks not to levy any penalty charges for non-maintenance....
Coalition government impedes the Indian Governance
Group discussion - April 07, 2014
It is the time of General Elections and again the people are expecting that this time also whichever party wins, it will require the support of other parties to form a coalition government.....
Adopting cloud technology is beneficial for companies
Group Discussion - April 07, 2014
Are you working as a freelancer? Many a times the company that assigns you tasks would be using Google docs to share the documents with you....
Bitcoin - The virtual currency
Current Affairs - April 05, 2014
Bitcoin, the word we often come across while reading through the economic and business page of newspapers. The least a layman can understand from bitcoin....
Missile Technology of India
Current Affairs - April 02, 2014
Recently, you must have read about the successful test firing of Prithvi-2 missile form Chnadipur, Odisha. Similarly, we keep reading about many other missiles being test....
Right to Education (RTE)
Current Affairs - April 02, 2014
Education is the mirror of the society and base of all sorts of development of a nation. In India, the poor and very poor class has been deprived of good education.....
Facebook Acquisition of Whatsapp: Pros and Cons
Current Affairs - March 31, 2014
In the present world if you ask the one thing which most of the youngsters are addicted to, then the answer will be Whatsapp.........
SEZ - Special Economic Zone - What is it?
Current Affairs - 31, March 2014
SEZ is one word which never fails to appear in newspapers. A few months back, Tata group was planning to introduce a SEZ in Kolkata. SEZ means Special Economic Zone....
Religion should not be mixed with politics
Current Affairs - March 31, 2014
On March 24, Jaswant Singh filed his nomination from Barmer Lok Sabha constituency. He took this step after being denied of BJP ticket from Barmer....
Is our Political System the reason of our backwardness?
Current Affairs - 31, March 2014
It won’t be a wrong thing to say that the present world is a digital world where the world is shrinking day by day on the screen of the Smartphones....
Genetically Modified Crops in India
Current Affairs - March 27, 2014
GM crops or Genetically Modified is the new word which continues to make headlines regularly. Recently, newspapers were abuzz about the reports that union govt....
The NSEL controversy - the game behind curtains!!
Current Affairs - 27, March 2014
Now days, we get to know about a lot of news regarding many fraud investor schemes or “ponzi” schemes like the “Shraddha scam” of Kolkata....
Break ups are start ups
Group discussion - 25, March 2014
Break ups are startups. Well whenever we hear the term break up there's just a single interpretation and that is the relation between a girl and boy.
Mobile phone is a paralysis to youngster's minds
Group Discussion - March 25, 2014
The present world is of Smartphone. Everything is getting digital. No one can imagine the life now without the mobile phones, laptops, internet and other latest gadgets.
Retirement age of central government employees should be raised to 62?
Group discussion - 24, March 2014
This year again, the Union cabinet was supposed to take the proposal of enhancement of Retirement age of Central government employees from 60 to 62 years....
UPA’s dream of India Shining: A reality or a myth.
Group Discussion - March 24, 2014
It is year 2014 and the time is here when the fate of India will be decided by the local masses. 15th Lok Sabha is over and now everyone have their eyes on the upcoming general elections.
Mr. Narendra Modi – Is he good enough to be the Prime Minister?
Group discussion - 24, March 2014
Narendra Modi is riding high and has managed to become a heartthrob politician of majority of people. There is no doubt that he is one of the most deserving candidates.....
Decriminalization of Indian Politics
Current Affairs - March 20, 2014
Very recently you all must have heard about RJD chief Laloo Prasad Yadav not contesting the elections which even caused a great rift in his party. Now all the other parties this year seem....
Microsoft Nokia deal: A planned alliance or a desperate move?
Group discussion - 18, March 2014
Everyone is well acquainted with the fact that Nokia has remained the world's largest vendor of mobile phones for years. It started losing its popularity....
One-Stop Crisis Centres for Rape and Sexual Assault survivors will bring the change.
Group discussion - March 20, 2014
The second season of Satyamev Jayate has started and with it the focus is back again on the victims of rape who have to face the humiliating and harsh circumstances in their efforts to get the justice......
Maruti's backtrack on Gujarat plant will encourage shareholder activism in India.
Group discussion - 20, March 2014
In the last few years, India Inc has witnessed a steady rise in the shareholder activism, wherein investors actively participate in the corporate governance activities.....
Is M.S.Dhoni an effective leader?
Group discussion - March 18, 2014
India-New Zealand 2014 Test Series brought no gains to Indian team. All it resulted in was a debate about where the Indian team is heading under the captaincy of M.S Dhoni.
Solution to Naxalism - Inclusive development or forces?
Group discussion - March 14, 2014
On 11th May 2014, 11 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) men, four district police and one civilian were killed in Sukma Maoist attack.
Killing animals for human needs is fair
Group discussion - 13, March 2014
There are two friends who meet every evening and argue daily on one topic. One is vegetarian and other is non vegetarian. They keep on discussing.....
I am the best- Organic foods
Group discussion - March 13, 2014
In the present world the preferences and choice of foods are changing every moment. At one side there is a constant increase in the number of people.....
Can a symbolic Women’s day celebration really lead to women’s empowerment?
Group discussion - March 10, 2014
It is bliss to be a woman. A woman is an epitome of love, care, compassion, who has an open heart to embrace the all hardships just to keep her family....
Tips to manage stress at work
Career Booster - 5, March 2014
Stress can hinder with your efficiency and can influence your somatic and emotive health. Pecuniary crunch is the period when people frequently....
10 Telephone etiquettes to practice at work
Career Booster - 5, March 2014
Appropriate telephone etiquettes are imperative as you are in lieu of your department and the organization you are concomitant with...
Ten tips for effective time management at work
Career Booster - 1st, March 2014
Benjamin Disraeli once quoted “He who gains time, gains everything” has become much more relevant in today’s time. We often see that people have become busier than before.
The curious case of Ukraine
Current Affairs - 4, March 2014
Ukraine, the country which gained sovereignty from the Soviet Union in the year 1991 and which has its capital in Kiev has been in news quiet for a while.
Would you advocate YOLO philosophy of living life?
Group discussion - 2nd, March 2014
YOLO- the acronym for “You Live Only Once” implies that one should enjoy life to its fullest even if it means heavy risks....
What happened at Sahara?
Current Affairs - 1st, March 2014
On 28 February 2014 the electronic and print media were abuzz with the news of India’s one of the most talked about businessman Subrato Roy Sahara’s arrest after the Supreme Court order.
SSC General Awareness model test paper - 8
SSC General Awareness - 28, Feb 2014
Tips to improve your relationship with colleagues
Career Booster - 28, Feb 2014
Your connections with your contemporaries are essential. Respectable workplace relations can assist you in doing your job in an enhanced way.
8 Tips to keep the spirit of your team high
Career Booster - 28, Feb 2014
Employee morale is the complete outlook of the employees while they are in the work milieu.
Tips to improve the productivity of your employees
Career Booster - 28, Feb 2014
Employee productivity is the driving force behind a company’s progress and viability. To comprehend a profitable enterprise....
Tips to improve your assertiveness at work
Career Booster - 28, Feb 2014
Assertiveness is a talent frequently mentioned in communal and communiqué skills training. Over and over again assertiveness is muddled.
10 Telephone etiquettes to practice at work
Career Booster - 28, Feb 2014
Appropriate telephone etiquettes are imperative as you are in lieu of your department and the organization you are concomitant with.
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