Regional politics is harming India

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Regional politics is harming India (10-1-2013)

Regional politics is harming India

India being a distinctive realm along with rich miscellany and cultural heritage and so is this diversity also reflected in the political landscape where en-number of regional parties are contending against each other.


- The perception of the general masses is that the principle policies are wedged due to the frenzied coalition of regional politics as the administration keeps besieging with how to deal with regional politics
- With too many players it is cossetting the quality of politics in India
- Regional politics is increasing the cast system all the more, which is already embedded too a great extent in the minds of the people


- India being a huge state, it is not possible to manage the entire population by one or two groups of political parties. Hence Regional politics help in managing the nation in an effective way


- Regional politics if more organized can contribute to the progress of India.
RE: Regional politics is harming India Rajani Sharma (12-27-2013)

Regional Politics is harming India


- Earlier, when Congress was dominating in the Centre everything was in the control of a single party. All developmental work was used to go to those states which were ruled by Congress. Once the regional parties started to come into the picture, they made developmental works come to their states which made managing easier but this also led to corruption.
- Regional parties play major role in the Indian politics. Their influence is not only on particular region but also considered in national politics, also. While making policies the central government considers the interest of the regional parties, government planning and finance allocation. Thus, more regional parties, takes more time in making and implementing development and welfare policies.
- Regional parties create instability in national government. Sometimes legislature is dissolved and fresh elections are held before the five year terms.
- Regional politics increases cast system in the country.
- Too many players in the field of politics co –set the quality of politics in India.
- Instead of uniting every region together, regional politics divide the country even in more small fractions.
- Principle policies of the country are hindered due to the frenzied coalition of regional politics as the administration remains stuck with the question of how to deal with regional politics


- It is not sufficient to manage a country as big as India by two or three parties. Thus regional political parties can easily and efficiently manage the nation.
- Implementation of policies approved by the government can successfully be carried out by the regional parties.
- Leakages in the system can be easily identified and addressed.
- Distribution of goods and services will be a lot easier.
- Regional politics if more organized can contribute to the progress of India.

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